Oportunidades em Vigor

Portuguese Society of Anaesthesiology - Scholarship for ESA Excellence Centers

Bolsa e oportunidade para realização de estágio em centro creditado pela ESA/SPA.

Formulário de Candidatura

1. Introduction
Scholarships to carry out internships abroad are important both for trainees and for scientific societies.
Several Anaesthesiology Societies promote such grants (ESA, ESRA, AAGBI,..).

2. Goals
Unique opportunity to:
– Learn in a specific area of personal interest
– Networking in a European center of excellence.

3. Scholarships
Three scholarships to perform an internship with the duration of one month abroad.
Each scholarship has the value of one thousand euros and should cover expenses related to the accreditation of the diploma in Medicine, travel, accommodation and daily expenses. The three grants will be fully provided by the Portuguese Society of Anaesthesiology (SPA).

4. Centers
The available centers from the list of the Trainee Exchange Programme (TEP).

5. Eligibility
Two of these grants should be for anaesthesiology trainees and one for a specialist. Applicants must work in Portugal and have a SPA and ESA active membership.
Those who do not have an active membership can renew it in order to become eligible.
Applicants should download the application from the SPA website and send it in pdf format to no later than 15 th November. Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application no later than 15 th February.
Winners must be from different Portuguese hospitals. Two months after the end of their internship, they must also write a text with less than 300 words about their experience, to be published by SPA.
In the application form for trainees, the following information should be stated and supported by the respective certificates when these are requested:

a. Full name, date of birth, year (for specialists the number of years after graduating) and hospital of training, email and mobile phone.
b. SPA and ESA membership number.
c. Three centers in decreasing order of preference.
d. Motivation letter (< 200 words without spaces).
e. Previous participation in events organized by SPA (certificates).
f. Awards at University or during your residency (certificates).
g. Previous attribution of grants (certificates).
h. Regular teaching position (certificates).
i. Postgraduate training (certificates).
j. Volunteering experience (certificates).
k. EDAIC 1 and 2 scores (certificates).
l. Language certificates of the selected host centers.

For specialists, the application form should contain the above criteria (a,b,c,d,e,i,j,k and l) and the following information supported by the respective certificates when these are requested:

m. Active participation in activities of SPA (sections, task forces, courses, ..) (certificates).
n. Other projects that contributed to the development of SPA (certificates).

6. Announcement and Selection of the Winners
The application period starts two months before the deadline (15 th of September) and will be announced by SPA.
The winners will be scored by 3 members of the SPA Board of Directors until 30th November (Appendix 1 “Scoring Sheet”). In case of a tie, the first application will be selected and if the applications were submitted at the same time, the oldest candidate will be selected. One month after the application deadline (November 15th), SPA’s Board of Directors will send an e-mail to the TEP Committee, which should contact the selected centers and determine their availability to receive the winners until the 31st January. The winners will be announced by the SPA Board of Directors on the 15th February. A ceremony announcing the winners will occur during the following SPA Congress (March).
The grantee is not allowed to change his/her location after the grant has been confirmed. If so, the allocated grant may be subject to cancellation and/or reimbursement. Grants are not transferrable and the training module must be completed within 1 year after reception.

  • 15/9/18
    Advertisement by SPA
  • 15/11/18
    Application Deadline
  • 30/11/18
    Scoring Deadline by SPA
  • 15/12/18
    Deadline to send the applications to the TEP and HVAT C.
  • 31/01/19
    Deadline for the TEP and HVAT C. to define centers
  • 15/02/19

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